No incentive to create quality content online due to low or zero revenues from some domains

Google,tata, ntro expect domain investors to spend their time and money to create great quality content online, forgetting that it is very difficult to make any money online because of the google,tata masterminded sex, bribery racket, financial fraud
These fraud companies and organizations think that they are doing indian citizens a very great favor allowing them to register domains, when it is a very great expense.
It is very frustrating to spend hours writing content, only to find at the end of the year, when the domain is renewed that no ad has been sold, the revenues from the domain is almost zero . Unlike the google,tata, ntro, employees, the domain investor does not get any salary
Time is money, and writing content for a website with zero revenues is a major waste of time for the domain investor
Initially the domain investor had a lot of hope, now in 2018 there are almost no expectations from the internet sector, she will wait for 1 more year, and then sell the non prime domains very cheap, or let them expire.