Google, tata duping people that a goan bhandari call girl, only offering SEX services is an exporter

R&AW refuses to name the foreign customers of its goan bhandari employee sunaina chodan, a PROSTITUTE, falsely claims she is an exporter
For more than 7 years the slim goan bhandari R&AW employee sunaina chodan, a PROSTITUTE has refused to pay the market price of domain names, and get them legally transferred in her name,
The google, tata sponsored slim goan bhandari R&AW employee sunaina chodan, a panaji PROSTITUTE is also refusing to provide any services to customers outside india she only wishes to enjoy with her boyfriends
Yet in a massive fraud of the indian and goan government, R&AW, cbi, ntro their fraud employees continue with their lies that the top goan bhandari panaji PROSTITUTE RAW employee sunaina chodan,only offering SEX services and having no online income, is an exporter to give her great powers

R&AW,cbi, ntro are involved in a BANKING, PAYPAL FRAUD FALSELY CLAIMING that the panaji prostitute owns the bank account of a single woman engineer, the call girl raw employee sunaina chodan hates and has defamed along with the rest of her family like pritesh chodankar

Can the goan, indian government explain why their favorite goa bhandari R&AW employee PROSTITUTE sunaina chodan refuses to pay for domain names