Making FAKE CLAIMS about computer work stealing data proves that NTRO/raw/cbi employees are SOCIOPATHs

The indian tech, internet companies, government are aware that foreign companies are not paying indian citizens using paypal without getting services, products, for which computer work has to be done, the foreign businesses are not a charity. The work done is similar to the work done by the employees of the indian tech companies like TCS who are providing services to their clients
Indicating widespread data theft in government agencies,Like TCS epic systems data theft, NTRO/raw employees using ROBBED DATA of a hardworking single woman domain investor since 2010 to make fake claims about computer work, enjoy free sex, get bribes from fraud raw/cbi employees who get monthly government salaries only because the ntro/raw employees, indian tech, internet companies are MAKING FAKE CLAIMS with the stolen data
The NTRO, raw, cbi employees are aware that they are CHEATING, EXPLOITING the person who is actually doing the computer work, spending hours daily, when they falsely claim that housewives and other fraud raw/cbi employees who are cooking, housekeeping and other frauds who are not doing any computer work, own the iwriter, paypal, bank account, domains since 2010 to pay those who defame, rob, cheat and exploit the citizen