Las Vegas is a Dangerous Town

Click here if you want to figure out how to protect yourself after you decide you’re moving to Las Vegas. I work for myself from home, and I decided to move out to Vegas after my elderly father passed away and I no longer had to care for him. I always wanted to live in the western part of the country, so I quickly took the opportunity to move. I had enough money from my job along with the inheritance to purchase a nice little home in Sin City. What I should have done is investigated how dangerous of a town it is these days.

I think Las Vegas has a lot of bad parts of town because of the reputation it has due to the casinos and the anything goes mentality out here. Locals, all of the ones I’ve met anyway, absolutely hate this mentality and they all avoid the Strip like the plague. It quickly became apparent from the local news that this is indeed a town filled with criminals who would like nothing more than to come into your residence and steal you blind. I knew I needed some protection if I wanted to avoid a burglary or something even worse.

I contacted a security company here in town and signed up for a home security system with all the bells and whistles. It’s got the alarm, the non-stop monitoring, video surveillance, and other niceties. I have remote access too so I can control the system from practically anywhere. Anyone tries to come into this house and they’re in for a quick trip to the local police station. I now actually feel safer than I did in my old city where I had zero protection against any criminals. I feel safe enough now to leave the house without worrying about finding a goon inside when I return home.