The Band is Back in Las Vegas

Of course the lead singer is having another meltdown, the bass player is back on drugs and everyone else hates everyone else. So naturally they sent me to try to hold it together long enough to finish the tour. There really is not much danger of them quitting honestly. All of them are terrible with money, what is the point of being a rock star if you can not spend money like one. I decided to find out where the finest latina escorts in Las Vegas were and looked for one that resembled Esmeralda. It was a long shot, but I think it is going to work for now. I told her to stay out of bed, because I did not want the singer to get the girl. I wanted him to chase her, Amazingly it worked perfectly. I told them that she was replacing the girl who did their hair, by chance she really knows exactly how to cut hair on a high level. The problem was that all of these guys smelled the bait and went chasing after it like hounds on the scent.

This girl loved the entire scheme and loved it more when it seemed like the whole thing might blow up in my face. She told me she could sing and to be honest she was not bad. She was not good enough to make a living doing it, but she was determined that I should hear her out and seemed to think I could get her a deal with the label. I never told her that, but I did not argue with her once she believed it. I would have not paid her, but I had no qualms about letting her believe things that were not true. I thought the ethics of that, but this girl was incredible in every way and my ethics seem unable to withstand her.